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Gardening is a wild ride! Gardening is good for the environment, relaxes us after a busy day, and gets us moving. Planting a little seed or taking care of a young plant feels super good, like getting a gold star when that tiny seed starts to grow or seeing a pretty flower. 

But hey, sometimes gardening throws us a curveball. At Flower Bed Nursery, we’ve packed all the top tips in one place. We’ve got the lowdown on everything from roses to cacti and the scoop on the best dirt and lights. Trust us, we’ll make gardening a piece of cake for you!

Houseplants for Every Home

Having houseplants is like giving your home a breath of fresh air. They not only make our rooms come alive but also help clean the air and lift our spirits. Think about plants like pothos, monstera, fiddle leaf fig, orchid, and philodendron. They’re not just for show; they show us the magic of bringing a bit of the outdoors inside.


Pothos, known for its heart-shaped leaves, is a versatile plant that comes in various types. Each type has its unique charm, which you can explore in detail here. While they’re generally easy to care for, like all plants, they can face challenges. For instance, if your pothos isn’t thriving, it might be facing some common issues. Light is crucial for its growth, and understanding its light needs can make all the difference. And if you’re aiming for a lush appearance, there are ways to make your pothos fuller and more vibrant.


Monstera, with its iconic split leaves, is a modern favorite. Its popularity isn’t just about its striking appearance; it’s also about its adaptability. Proper lighting is essential, and knowing the right light conditions can ensure it thrives. Temperature too plays a role, and maintaining the ideal temperature is key. If you’re curious, you can also discover how Monstera lives in its natural habitat.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

The fiddle leaf fig is more than just a plant; it’s a statement piece with its broad, glossy leaves. Beyond its beauty, it offers several benefits. The right foundation, like choosing the best potting soil, is crucial. If you’re hoping for a branched appearance, there are techniques to encourage branching. And for those indoors, the right grow light can be a game-changer.


Orchids, with their delicate and elegant blooms, are a joy to have. They need a balance of light, and the right grow light can make a difference. Most orchids are safe, but it’s always good to know if any are poisonous, especially if you have pets. Understanding their light needs can help them bloom beautifully. And the joy of seeing an orchid rebloom is unmatched; here’s how to nurture that process.


Philodendrons are adaptable and come in various types. For those curious about the subtle differences between varieties, here’s a comparison between the lemon lime philodendron and neon pothos.

Gardening Essentials

You know, gardening isn’t just about the plants. It’s like cooking; you need the right tools. Imagine grow lights as mini suns for your indoor plants. And fertilizers, think of them as a yummy treat for your plants. Just like you love a cozy bed, plants love the right soil and compost. Oh, sharp blades are like your garden’s hairdresser, keeping everything neat.

Grow Lights

Grow lights are like sunshine for your indoor plants. They’re super important, especially if you want your plants to grow strong and healthy without natural sunlight. If you’re wondering how to choose the right grow light, we’ve got the answers. Setting them up? Here’s how to hang them just right. Ever noticed some grow lights have a purple glow? We’ll tell you why. And if you’re unsure about the size of the grow light you need, we’ve got a guide for that. For herb lovers, check out the best lights for growing herbs. And if you’re weighing up grow light vs. sunlight, we’ve compared the two. For monstera enthusiasts, here’s the best grow light for your plant.


Plants need food, just like us! Fertilizers give them the nutrition they crave. Dive into the different types of fertilizers to find the best fit. Ever wondered if you can mix Epsom salt with fertilizer? We’ve got the scoop. If you’re growing Bermuda grass or bamboo, we’ve researched the best fertilizers for them. And for those with a monstera, here’s the top fertilizer pick. If you’re thinking of a one-size-fits-all approach, discover if you can use one fertilizer for all plants.


Good soil is like a comfy bed for plants. It’s where they rest, grow, and get their nutrients. If you’ve got old potting soil lying around, find out if potting soil can go bad. For pothos plant parents, here’s the best soil mix. If you’re dealing with tough clay soil, learn how to improve it without tilling. Wondering about the best compost to soil ratio? We’ve got a guide. For those into cacti or bonsai, discover if cactus soil works for bonsai. And to keep your soil’s moisture just right, check out how to choose the best soil moisture sensor.


Sharp blades make gardening a breeze. They’re the go-to tools for giving plants a neat trim. If you’re into mulching, find out which way mulching blades should go. Compare the mulching blade vs. the regular blade to see what’s best for you. If you’re thinking of mulching without a kit, discover if you can use mulching blades without one. And for those with thick grass, there are blades designed specifically to handle that challenge.

Outdoor Plants and Trees

While houseplants bring a touch of nature indoors, outdoor plants and trees are the grand champions of the garden, showcasing nature’s splendor in its full glory. Unlike their indoor counterparts, these plants thrive under the open sky, basking in natural sunlight and dancing to the rhythm of the seasons.

Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is a top pick for lawns, known for its resilience. While it thrives in sunlight, you might wonder if it can grow in shade. It’s often confused with crabgrass, but they’re different. If your lawn’s turning a concerning shade of brown, there could be reasons. And for a lush green, the right fertilizer is key.

Cactus & Succulents

These desert beauties have unique features. While cacti love the sun, they don’t always need direct sunlight. If your cactus is turning black, it’s a sign to take action. They’re not just for show; cacti produce oxygen too. And if indoors, the best grow light can help them flourish.


Bamboos are versatile and come in various types. They have specific needs, like knowing when to fertilize clumping bamboo. If you’re growing them in pots, understanding their fertilizer needs is crucial.


Roses, the timeless beauties, require care. If they’re in pots, they’ll need the right fertilization. But be cautious, as over-fertilizing can harm them. Even in winter, they have specific needs.


Hibiscus flowers bring a tropical vibe with their vibrant colors. If they seem unhappy, they might be overwatered. And if they’re wilting, it’s time to check on them.

Citrus Trees

From lemons to oranges, citrus trees are a delight. They have specific fertilization needs. But remember, over-fertilizing can be harmful.

Palm Trees

Palms can turn any space into a tropical paradise. They have a winter fertilization routine, and knowing how to fertilize them is key.


Potatoes are more than just a staple food. Knowing how far apart to plant can ensure a good yield. Each plant can surprise you with the number of potatoes it produces. And for the sweet variety, fertilizing is essential.

Gardening General Tips

Gardening, as we’ve learned at Flower Bed Nursery, is full of surprises. Inside, plants like pothos or monstera need the right light. Outside, plants like Bermuda grass or roses deal with weather and bugs. Every gardener needs tools like grow lights and good dirt. Knowing how to handle garden problems helps plants grow happy and healthy.

Basics for Beginners

Starting with the right foundation is crucial. While some plants might seem intimidating, understanding their specific needs can make all the difference. For instance, dealing with pricker bushes might be challenging, but with the right knowledge, you can handle them with ease.

Dressing the Part

Gardening isn’t just about plants; it’s also about the gardener. Wearing the right attire can make your gardening experience more comfortable and efficient. Our guide on what to wear when gardening provides insights into the best outfits for the task.

Achieving Lush Greens

A vibrant, green lawn is a dream for many. With the right techniques and care, you can have a lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood. Discover how to grow healthy green grass with our detailed guide.

Turning Passion into Profession

For those who’ve mastered the art of gardening and wish to take it a step further, starting a business might be the next move. Dive into our insights on how to start a landscape design business and turn your green thumb into a thriving venture.