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The 8 Best Pots For Monstera of 2023

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Monstera is a wonderful houseplant that attracts many people because of its beauty. However, they are easily sensitive to overwatering. So they need to grow in a pot with a proper drainage system.  The perfect ones for Monstera must also ensure the related material, weight, style, and price. You should also consider the size of your plants and their growth habits to make sure you choose an ideal pot for them.

The following are some pots that are highly appreciated by customers for both quality and design and that I would recommend for your Monstera plants.

Our Top Picks

  1. Best User-Friendly Design: Self-Watering + Self-Aerating
  2. Best Overall: HOMENOTE Plastic Planter
  3. Best Size Diversity: Large Plant Pot by Fox & Fern
  4. Best Ceramic Materials: D’vine Dev 10 Inch Ceramic Planter
  5. Best Budget: POTEY Storage Basket Bin
  6. Best Sustainability: POTEY Cement Planter Flower
  7. Best Storage: La Jolie Muse Seagrass Planter
  8. Best For Durable: The HC Classic Planter

Best User-Friendly Design: Self-Watering + Self-Aerating

  • Material: Plastic
  • Special Feature: Drainage Hole, Self-dehumidification
  • Mounting Type: Inside Mount, Outside Mount, Window Mount

Product highlights

Self-Watering and Self-Aerating are both my favourite features of this pot. It is easy for me to see the water dripping from the bottom, so I am not worried about overwatering your plant anymore!

The pot’s design is inspired by nature’s groundwater distribution system. I think that the special thing that makes a difference in this pot is that you can water from the bottom, compared to traditional watering from the top of the plant, which helps the roots absorb moisture from the soil more easily.

Additionally, one of my favourite benefits is the hollow legs in the bottom, which help the Monstera reach down into the reservoir so that the plant may receive moisture from the air while the soil remains above the water.

When compared to typical plastic pots, this planter is more noticeable in its endurance, even when put in direct sunlight. It also does not fade or discolor with different weather conditions.


  • Self-Watering and Self-Aerating 
  • Smart self-dehumidification
  • Come with an irrigation unit
  • Colorfast
  • Does not deform over time


  • Not solid
  • It compresses when moved because of the soft plastic

Bottom line

The product has self-watering and self-aerating features, making it more durable and durable than typical plastic pots.

Best Overall: HOMENOTE Plastic Planter

  • Material: Plastic
  • Special Features: Lightweight, Drainage Hole, Odorless,
  • Mounting Type: Tabletop, Floor Standing

Product highlights

This pot is designed in five different sizes for small to medium plants, so I can use it for my other plants, not just Monstera. The material is made with high-quality plastic, which ensures I can use it for a longer time.

The drainage feature is the highlight of the pots that I like most. It has many drainage holes in the bottom of the pot, so they make the water drain evenly and will not leave a puddle under my indoor plants. 

This home note plant pot includes a water-catching disc pattern, which helps the Monstera to hold water draining from the soil without making the plant soggy. 


  • Variety of sizes 
  • Proper drainage holes
  • Lightweight    
  • Reliability


  • Small size for Monstera

Bottom line

This product is made of high-quality plastic, has drainage holes to ensure water drains evenly, and doesn’t leave a puddle. You can use it for small to medium plants. 

Best Size Diversity: Large Plant Pot by Fox & Fern

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Special Features: Organic
  • Mounting Type: Floor standing 

Product highlights

The first thing I notice about this Fox and Fern pot is that the design comes with a modern plant stand and a drain plug that keeps the plant healthy, as well as protects it from root rot.  

The Fox & Fern pot includes two sizes, 12-inch and 15-inch, that are suitable for all indoor plants. An interesting feature of this pot is a self-watering system that is conveniently hidden in the bottom of the pot and also works as a drip pan.

This pot is a great choice if you want to invest in a pot that you can use for a long time. I appreciated the pots’ durability because they are made of high-quality materials, and the style also matches the decoration of every corner of your home. 


  • Perfect size for every indoor plant 
  • Modern design
  • Lightweight
  • Durability
  • High-quality ceramic materials


  •  Inaccuracy drainage holes

Bottom line

The Fox & Fern pot includes 12-inch and 15-inch sizes and a self-watering system, making it an excellent choice for indoor plants.

Best Ceramic Materials: D’vine Dev 10 Inch Ceramic Planter

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Special Features: Drainage Hole
  • Mounting Type: Tabletop, Floor Standing

Product highlights

This ceramic pot has a modern design that fits the elegance of your furniture. Additionally, it is equipped with smart drainage holes and metal mesh to cover them. Clay pebbles at the bottom of the pot in order to prevent plants from dying due to underwatering and root rot.  

At the same time, D’vine Dev size is the perfect highlight. The pot has a compact 10-inch size with a weight of about 0.3 ounces, so you can easily move your D’vine ceramic pot anywhere you want.

Regarding durability, I am confident to say that D’vine Dev stands out above any other on the market. I was impressed by its lifespan because this pot can last 10-20 years on average.

It also includes a variety of colours for you to choose from. However, if you want to find vibrant tones for this pot, they will not be able to meet your usage requirements. 


  • Flexibility
  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent drainage
  • Modern design


  • Vibrant colours are not included

Bottom line

D’vine Dev is a modern ceramic pot with brilliant drainage holes, metal mesh to protect plants from underwatering and root rot, and a compact size. This product can last 10–20 years and includes a variety of colors, but not vibrant tones.

Best Budget: POTEY Storage Basket Bin

  • Material: Cotton
  • Special Features: Durable
  • Mounting Type: Floor Mount, Inside Mount, Tree Mount

Product highlights

The highlight appearance of the POTEY Basket Bin pot is meticulously handcrafted with nature. It is made from sustainable cotton and sewn in a roll method to make the fabric supple enough to hold its shape.

An interesting feature is when you open it, this basket pot will automatically return to its original shape for you to easily put in your favourite plants. 

The significant advantage of the POTEY Basket pot I want to mention is its size. With the plump version available, POTEY ensures compatibility for various crops. Be it Monstera deliciosa plant, cactus, or aloe.

The flexibility of the potted plant is one of the benefits that I appreciated. Pots are not only used as indoor planter pots but also as containers for laundry, clothes, children’s toys, household items, and more.

A problem of this pot besides its benefits is durability, you might consider that its cotton material is less durable than other products on the market. It will get wet if you make your plant overwater. 


  • Unique materials
  • Ability to return to original form when folded
  • Suitable for many crops
  • Versatility
  • Lightweight


  • Less durable
  • Small for some big plant

Bottom line

The POTEY Basket Bin Pot is made from sustainable cotton and sewn using the roll method, allowing it to return to its original shape when opened automatically. It can also be used with different crops and is flexible, but it only lasts a shorter time than other products.

Best Sustainability: POTEY Cement Planter Flower

  • Material: Concrete
  • Special Features: Drainage Holes
  • Mounting Type: Floor Mount, Inside Mount, Tree Mount

Product highlights

This cement classic motif is interspersed throughout the pot’s body. With concrete material, you can ensure that the pot will last for a long time to meet the plant’s growing needs.

This material also contributes to increased resistance to extreme temperatures or protects your plant from outdoor conditions. This feature is also why I value it as more sustainable than other pots on the market. 

The pot has a drainage hole in the bottom and padded feet, which keeps your plant from getting waterlogged and promotes plant health with your own potting mix. The padded feet also help these pots stay clean for a long time to avoid soiling your furniture.


  • Sustainability
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures
  • Latest design
  • Drainage system


  • High price

Bottom line

The concrete material of TOPEY makes it more durable than other pots because it is more resistant to extreme temperatures and protects plants from the elements.

Best Storage: La Jolie Muse Seagrass Planter

  • Material: Natural Seaweed
  • Special Features: Light
  • Mounting Type: Standing Floor

Product highlights

La Jolie is a typical potted plant for storage purposes. Its creative appearance is not only used to grow the plant but also as a decoration item to make your living space more lively. 

Those advantages mostly stem from the pot’s unique design and natural seaweed material. The rustic, idyllic but still modern has made this pot different from ordinary potted plants.

Inside the seaweed layer, the pot is equipped with a plastic cover, allowing you to plant it directly in the pot without worrying about leaking or dirtying the grass. Even so, it’s uncertain for larger crops. It is suitable for small and medium-sized plants within the potting mix.


  • Versatile storage function
  • Lightweight
  • Novel material
  • Suitable for decoration


  • Less durable

Bottom line

La Jolie is a unique plant pot made of seaweed that has a unique design, making it suitable for small and medium-sized plants.

Best For Durable: The HC Classic Planter

  • Material: Plastic
  • Special Features: Drainage Hole, Lightweight, UV Resistant
  • Mounting Type: Standing Floor

Product highlights

This seafoam classic pot has a traditional design but it still can beautify your living space. Besides, the pot also has drainage holes going around the bottom of the pot to help keep a plant healthy and avoid root rot if you overwater. 

The plastic material is also a plus because of its durability. I tried to expose the pot to sunlight and even left this pot outdoors for the entire winter. As a result, I was surprised when it did not have any damage from freezing temperatures. Additionally, thanks to the rolled rim around the pot, you do not have to worry about it cracking or breaking when moving it. 

The Sea Foam Classic pot medium size can be used for a variety of plants from outdoors to indoors plant with its sea foam colours that are free of your choice. 


  • Durable 
  • Drainage holes
  • Rolled rim
  • Standard size


  • Not include saucer 

Bottom line

This Sea Foam Classic Medium Pot has a traditional design, drainage holes, and durable plastic material that can be used for various plants and is completely free.

What Is The Best Pot For Monstera?

An ideal pot for Monstera plants should have a good design with a proper drainage system. In addition, it should also be of the right size and durable material for the environment you want to grow the plant in.

Note: If you choose a too-large container, the extra potting soil may take too long to dry up and become an issue, especially if your plant isn’t receiving enough light to thrive. We will guide you on how to choose a sustainable pot in this article. 

Guide For Buying

Whether you grow Monstera indoors or outdoors also affects your pot selection. The drainage system, material, and size are three crucial factors that you should consider if you are looking for a suitable-potted Monstera. 


If your plant is small, a 6-8 inches pot is suitable for its growth and development. With larger plants, you should consider 10–12 inches for potting mix, depending on the plant’s height. In general, if you want to expand your pot, I recommend going up one size but not more. 


Drainage holes are essential for any Monstera pot. It might be challenging for your plants to grow in pots without this factor. 

You should choose a pot with these holes in the bottom. Excess water will then drain out and ensure long-lasting moisture for plants to grow and develop in potting mix. Meanwhile, if your Monstera pots do not have drainage holes, they might become trapped inside the pot for your Monstera because they are causing root rot, which is devastating to plants.


How fast the soil dries out is greatly affected by the type of material the pot is constructed of. Terracotta, ceramic, and even concrete pots are all recommended choices for your Monstera since they avoid the factors that attack the plant, such as the wind, pests, or other outdoor conditions. 

A plastic pot is also an ideal solution for you because it is not only lightweight, which helps you move it easily, but it also has UV – resistant to ensure its lifespan will last over time. Additionally, these pots also have the extra benefit of insulation, which protects the soil and roots of your Monstera from harsh conditions to prevent root rot and help the plant grow healthier. 

How To Buy An Ideal Pot For Monstera

You might have a little confusion when considering a reputable place to buy an ideal pot for your Monstera among a large number of options. Depend on your quality requirements, favorites, or price range to help you choose an ideal place to buy the pots.

You can come to specialty stores for plants to choose the suitable pot for both indoor and outdoor Monstera. Online retailers on websites, provide a varied selection of pots with a lot of designs and competitive prices that are free for your selection.


Above are objective reviews about the top 8 best Monsteras customer rating pots. Hopefully, this information will help you find the right choice for your plants. You should carefully consider the relevant aspects of size, material, or pot drainage to make a suitable choice. If you have any questions related to the topic of the article, do not forget to leave them in the comments section.

Check out my blog, and don’t forget to leave feedback!


  1. What size pot should my Monstera be in?

    There are many sizes for your Monstera plant. However, not all of them are compatible with your growth rate and plant height. You can choose pots no larger than 8 inches in diameter for small plants because large ones can waste your budget. In contrast, with large plants, a pot with a diameter of about 10 – 12 inches will be suitable for the size of the plant.

  2. Do Monsters like terracotta pots?

    Monstera is a special plant that requires high care. These plants are susceptible to root rot when their soil is too wet for long periods. Terracotta is a good material to consider for your Monstera. Terracotta pots have good moisture absorption capacity, ensuring stable soil moisture for possible plant growth.

  3. Are plastic pots good for Monstera?

    Overall assessment, plastic pots are also quite suitable for growing Monstera plants. However, they are not as beautiful as other pots and tend to deform in size when placed in direct sunlight.

  4. Do Monsteras need drainage holes?

    Plant pots for Monstera need to have drainage holes. Because it is not suitable to live in a wet soil environment, if this situation persists, the plant’s roots will rot. With pots that do not have drainage holes, more water will be trapped in the bottom and increase the chance that the seeds will begin to deteriorate.

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